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Don't get me wrong, (self) sysadmining is fun. But there is bigger banana blossoms to fry.

As you might know I'm a chronic enabler. The one thing I'm really good at, is putting the right people in the right conditions to enable them to do much cooler stuff, than we all could do on our own. I'm also a fighter, giving up does not come easy to me. But I give up. For (the greater) good.

I already maintain a fair chunk of public facing infrastructure as part of other projects. In the coming months that's only is gonna increase. But since it is used by other people, it has a certain inertia to it. I can't go around and constantly keep changing stuff, because it might break or confuse people. Every move needs to be carefully considered and planned.
That is in total contrast to my own infra. The only person affected is me. And as long as mail keeps working, it doesn't impact my day to day life at all. So I'm constantly tinkering, being unhappy with the state of thing, trying new stuff, reverting back to my old ways, redoing servers, all in all sinking lots of time into it, without getting to much out of it. Time I could be spending making this world a better place. Which, after all, is still one of my main goals in life.
It's also kinda expensive. Even if I'd ran just one small hetzner VPS for all the services is providing. It'd still cost me ~50€ a year. And that's very much without the hours spent setting up, maintaining and improving these services.
So I give up.
And here I am.

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